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Universe in Glass Bracelet


The Bracelet is made using that special technique and it looks absolutely stunning, like no other bracelet you have ever seen in your life.

There is an old expression that the entire universe is within your body. With this belief that macrocosm is constantly present in the microcosm, an artist from Japan has developed mind blowing bracelets which contain spectacular galaxies inside. They contain air bubbles, opal, gold flakes, etc. for turning the bracelet to look like a cluster of planetary bodies.

Also, it comes in our free, exclusive packaging and it is a limited edition, we will only produce 50 of these unique bracelets ✨

Every single bracelet is handmade by one of our artisans with love ♥️

Crafted from quality glass and soft rope with Toggle-clasps to ensure your Galaxy is always secured comfortably to your wrist.


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Tracking will be available after a few days after we ship the order.

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